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AANNH programs for schools and communities bring outstanding professional performers and traditional, visual and literary artists to towns throughout our region. They can present school residencies, assemblies, classroom programs, community workshops, public concerts, and professional development sessions. Programs range from World Music to Franco-American fiddling to authors' visits to hands-on art making of all kinds. AANNH will work with your school and/or community organization to customize programs and address your particular audience, goals and themes through cultural experiences. You can download our brochure on Programs for Schools and Communities here. You can also view AANNH's listing of artists who are interested in coming to schools and communities throughout Northern New Hampshire. Click here to view the 2012-13 Artist Listing.

Step 1:
Check our Programs for Schools and Communities brochure to find an artist (or several) that you are interested in bringing to your school and/or community and for more details about AANNH's programming services. Read the descriptions in the AANNH Artist Listing to learn more about the artists' work, what type of activities they provide, and what audiences they serve.

Step 2:
Look at your school/community calendar and decide on the best time of year.

Step 3:
Complete the Request Form (in the Brochure) and send it in.
Call/email us!


Step 4:
AANNH will contact you to schedule and plan your artist visit(s) and to discuss fees, funding and area partnerships.