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Grafton County - Warren Historical Society

Warren Historical Museum

Site Owners: Warren Historical Society
Address: 112 Water St, PO Box 114
Warren, NH 03279

Contact: Janice Sackett, President
(603) 764-9949

Description: Built in 1985 to display artifacts and pictorial history of Warren. The museum also displays the Redstone Rocket, the prototype that launched American's first astronaut and first satellite into space.

Hours: April-Dec or by appt. Not open on a regular schedule.

Directions: At intersection of Route 25 and 25C. You will see the rocket.
Programs Offered: Old Home Days, the first weekend after the 4th of Juy weekend. It's a three day event with fireworks on Friday evening.

While you are in town also visit: NH State Fish Hatchery at the south of town on Route 25. Open to the public 7 days a week.

Photo: Maison Bisson

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