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Sugar Hill MuseumSugar Hill Historical Museum

Site Owners: Sugar Hill Historical Museum
Address: 1401 Route 117
Sugar Hill, NH 03586

Contact: Kitty Bigelow, Director/Curator

Description: Sugar Hill Historical Museum - Located beside the Sugar Hill village green (across from Harman's Cheese), this museum includes information of this scenic hillside town from 1780 to the present. Our campus consists of two barns and one main building. The Carriage Barn is filled with tools, horse-drawn carriages, a Benjamin Morrill tower clock, and a reproduction of a local blacksmith's shop.

The second barn, the Sleigh Shed, displays our collection of public signs and sleighs, including one red sleigh from the Bette Davis estate. It also garages the 1939 Ford Fire Truck #2 given to the newly formed Sugar Hill Fire Department in 1948 by Henry Crapo. This Ford truck, originally a farm truck, was retro-fitted by the firemen. When the museum is open, the fire truck magically appears on the front lawn.

The main building contains extensive photograph archives, a local history and genealogy library, the Cobleigh Tavern public room, a gift shop, and a unique main gallery exhibit which changes annually. The theme is always chosen to reflect the history of Sugar Hill's people and places. The 2017 exhibit, Our Hat Trunk, features the museum's extensive collection of hats through the ages, and the newly acquired Reid-Burpee House on the adjoining property highlights a typical 1930s kitchen.

Hours: Open Memorial Day Weekend through Columbus Day Weekend, Fridays and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission is free. Memberships and donations are encouraged. Special tours may be arranged during the season. Contact Curator Kitty Bigelow - 603-823-5275. Visit www.sugarnillnh.org/library-and-museum/sugar-hill-historical-museum/ and find us on Facebook at Sugar Hill Historical Museum.

Directions: Exit 38 off I-93 North or South. Right onto Route 18, left onto Route 117, 3 miles.

Programs Offered: None at this time.

While you are in the area also visit: Sugar Hill Sampler Family Museum, Franconia Heritage Museum, Iron Furnace Interpretive Center


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