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Coos County - Gorham Historical Society

Gorham Historical Society Museum

Site Owners: Gorham Historical Society
Address: PO Box 351
25 Railroad St
Gorham, NH 03581

Contact: Reuben Rajala (603) 466-5338
Web: www.aannh.org/arts_organizations.php
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Hours: Memorial Day - early October, Tues-Sat., 10am-3pm. By donation.

Description: Former Grand Trunk Railroad (GTR) station. Steam engine, diesel engine, Russell snowplow, caboose, plus RR box cars with model railroad and unique Crockett-Quinn GTR Railroadania exhibit. 1907 building used as station until 1968. Acquired by GHS 1973. 35th Anniversary in 2008. Unique artifacts, not only of railroading, but also of the Gorham area. Hours: Mem Day wknd to mid-Oct, 10 AM-2 PM generally, depending upon volunteer availability. If you are coming from some distance, it's wise to call or email a day or two in advance to arrange for a volunteer guide

Directions: Route 2/16 into Gorham (Main Street). Railroad Street is one block south of Main Street and the town common.

While you are in the neighborhood also visit: Philbrook Farm Inn, Stone Fish Natural Formation, Gorham Public Library, Gorham Family Resource Center


Coos County - Additional Gorham Area Sites of Interest

Family Resource Center

Site Owners: Town of Gorham
Address: Rte 16, 123 Main Street, Gorham, NH 03581

Contact: Judge James E Michalik, Retired
Website: www.frcberlin-gorham.org

Description: Former school early 1900s, was a Community Center for a time, and became Family Resource Center in 1997

Hours: Can be seen inside by appointment

Directions: Route 2 / 16 into Gorham. Located in center of town across from present middle/high school.

Programs Offered: Various community activities. Senior Meals, ongoing children's programs, school office of Supt. Located here as well.


Coos County - Additional Gorham Area Sites of Interest

Gorham Public Library

Address: 35 Railroad St, Gorham, NH 03581

Contact: Suzi or Valerie , Librarian, Asst Librarian

Description: 1800s private elaborate home moved 3.5 blocks to its present location in 1992. After 5 years of fundraising, two additions were built. The library of books were moved to the new location and opened September 1997. Wonderful photo history on site.

Hours: Year-round. Mon, Wed, Fri 10-7; T, Th 10-8

Directions: Route 2 / 16 into Gorham (Main Street). Railroad Street is one block west.

Programs Offered: Story time daily. Visit with Santa


Coos County - Additional Gorham Area Sites of Interest

Philbrook Farm Inn

Site Owners: Ann & Larry Philbrook
Address: 881 North Rd, Shelburne, NH 03581
(603) 466-3831

Description: Owned and operated by same family since 1861. Lovely rambling farmhouse. Made into Inn and B&B. Beautiful setting. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Hours: Dec 26- Mar 31; May 1 - Oct 31

Directions: Route 2 into Shelburne. Turn onto North Road and head east. You will find Philbrook Farm Inn on your left.

Programs Offered: Christmas doings - heavily decorated road to Inn, skiing on property (cross country)


Coos County - Additional Gorham Area Sites of Interest

Stone Fish Natural Formation

Physical Address: Rte 2, Shelburne, NH 03581

Description: Natural Formation that appears in the Spring

Hours: Early Spring-Late Fall

Directions: From center of Gorham, travel east on Route 2 about 5 miles.


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