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Carroll County

Hartmann Model Railroad & Toy Museum

Address: Rtes 16/302, 15 Town Hall Rd, PO Box 165,
Intervale, NH 03845

Contact: Nelly Hartmann
603-356-9922 info@hartmannrr.com
Website: www.hartmannrr.com

Description: See detailed operating layouts with trains winding through tunnels, over bridges and by miniature train stations and buildings... even Thomas the Tank that operates by a light sensor system. Service and repair, appraisals, design and layout assistance.

Hours: Daily 10am-5pm. Closed T Jan-May, except vacation weeks

Directions: Located on RT. 16 4 miles north of North Conway, 1/4 mile the junction of Rts. 16 and 302 in Glen.

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