Arts Alliance of Northern New Hampshire -

A collaborative initiative with VSA New Hampshire.


This extended project has been developed to offer a wide variety of ways that early-childhood educators, child-care providers and parents can use the arts as a learning tool for young children throughout the northern regions of New Hampshire and neighboring states. Linking creative experiences to the development and school readiness of young children, fostering a love for language and books, and strengthening pre-literacy and early literacy skills through the arts are the focus of family activities, in-service training, site-based workshops and on-site visits.

Components of the Arts in Early Learning Project include:

* An annual interdisciplinary conference, presented in partnership with Plymouth State University's Early Childhood Studies Program

* Workshops for educators and child-care providers with hands-on examples of arts activities that are easily incorporated into a variety of settings

* Guest lectures for college and university classes

* Model teaching in pre-schools and daycare centers

* Parent workshops in conjunction with involved schools and day-care centers

* Focus schools for evaluating effectiveness of training

* Developing and training teaching/visiting artists in the North Country who can work directly in early-childhood settings

* Family events in the community

* Links with community children's library programs

To learn more about the Arts in Early Learning Project or to schedule a program call us at (603) 323-7302 or email us at

Free Workshop Plymouth. For more information, download a flyer or contact (603) 323-7302